Inclusive leaders are open to people from all backgrounds and involve them in running the business to strengthen the organization. They acknowledge that they might be inclined to specific ideas and try to avoid these biases. Here are six steps that one can follow to become an inclusive leader.

1. Create a Positive Work Environment

An inclusive leader should create a positive work environment that supports every team member emotionally. To achieve a positive environment, they must be active listeners and encourage team members to open up about their problems. Team members are more comfortable with their leader in a positive environment.

2. Have an All-Inclusive Team

An organization should not have a collaborative group of people or people whose reasoning is the same. Therefore, leaders should use effective strategies when hiring and promoting members and encourage diverse thinking to create a diverse team. A diverse group also needs a positive environment to express themselves freely.

3. Improve the Communications

Inclusive teams are straightforward when communicating to avoid bias in relaying information to some team members. Thus, leaders should consult with their team members on the suitable method of communication and set a transparent communication process. This process should enable fast dissemination of information to every team member.

4. Encourage Team Work

A diverse team needs members to share ideas, or it’ll be ineffective. Therefore, inclusive leaders are tasked with encouraging their members to share ideas and collaborate. As a leader, collaborate with team members to lead by example, and others will follow.

5. Read

An inclusive leader always seeks to learn more to become a better leader. One can leverage some sources of information such as blogs, books, seminars, and podcasts. This information becomes effective when put into practice.

6. Be Friendly and Open to Feedback

An inclusive leader should be warm and encouraging to the team members. Moreover, they should respect others and their suggestions for more efficient ways of doing tasks. An inclusive leader also needs to ask for feedback from their team on being more inclusive.


It takes time, action, and inclusive behaviors to incorporate inclusion into an organization’s culture. Follow the above steps to become an inclusive leader.