No matter what your goals are in life, you can likely benefit from having the confidence to achieve these objectives. Whether you want to feel less awkward in social situations or want to be bold enough to ask your boss for a raise after you’ve worked hard to enhance your skills, you need to have the confidence to make the most of these situations. Confidence can even motivate you to try a new hobby or make more of an impact in your community.

You also need confidence when it comes to being a leader. You’ll have to exhibit leadership skills at some point in life, whether you’re in a personal or professional setting. Looking out for the well-being of others and having the surety that you can protect the people you care about with good decision-making skills is an essential part of confidence.

Here are some ways being an effective, confident leader can affect all aspects of your life.

Leadership Inspires You to Take Initiative

When you know you’ve got people depending on you to give them direction or meet financial goals, you’ll likely be more motivated to take charge. Take the initiative to start a new project or improve your home and work life. People will be more likely to follow your lead if they see that you’re proactive when you see a problem and want to find a solution as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Leadership Skills Improve Your Negotiation Tactics

When you’re a good leader, you want to do what is beneficial not only for you but for the people who are trusting your leadership. Learning to negotiate in a way that can benefit all involved parties shows that you may have to be firm and direct, but you’re also fair and unselfish.

Being a Better Leader Improves Your Character

Effective leadership is influential. When you’re focused on being the best leader you can be, you’ll have to develop more patience, integrity, determination, and self-discipline. Leaders have a deep love and respect for the people they lead to increased productivity in work and family environments.

These skills will come in handy whether you’re at the dinner table, in the boardroom, or interacting with friends. As you grow in leadership, your overall confidence will improve as well.