Leaders need to establish an environment where their team can communicate. After all, if people feel like they can’t say what they want to say, then this can lead to problems within the business. Here are some key ways that a leader can encourage open communication.

Avoid Judgment

When people feel judged, they close off and become fearful of opening their mouths. You don’t want this to happen within your team, always avoid judging your team members when they say things or make suggestions. Instead, encourage their comments and be kind.

Always seek to get something positive out of any comments that your team makes. If someone has an idea, point out the good aspects of it. This will encourage them to talk and to speak up more often.

Give Credit

Many people love to receive recognition for their words and their ideas. If you give people credit for their ideas and make it clear that you recognize them, then they will want to communicate. After all, people love it when you recognize the good that they do and the excellent ideas that they have.

Gaining recognition allows members to feel good about themselves. Not only that, but their colleagues see the recognition, which inspires those colleagues to communicate as well. This can encourage your entire team to openly communicate as they seek out that credit and recognition.

Ask the Right Questions

You want to ask open-ended questions and for feedback. When you ask open-ended questions, you encourage your team to throw out ideas and to consider different options. This leads to open communication and giving people the opportunity to share their ideas.

As for feedback, you put yourself in a vulnerable position, which is a good thing. Your team sees that you want to improve, that you value their input and that you care. By showing your willingness to hear the truth and to gain feedback, you encourage them to do the same through communication.


Open communication can provide a variety of benefits to a business. By encouraging your team and showing appreciation for their comments, you can create an environment where people feel safe to communicate their ideas.