Within the past few years, it has become increasingly more apparent that the companies who are good at boosting the idea of teamwork are standing out as more successful than ones who focus on a few key players. Much like in sports, if the team serves as one cohesive unit with a common goal, they will go further than one with a few heroes who get all the attention. There are several reasons why teamwork is encouraged.

Communication is a key element to any successful team. It’s important to remind your staff that they should not only offer assistance and helpful guidance to each other, but you are also available to mentor or assist with any issues they may be having. Teams who respect their leaders will have a much higher chance of succeeding.

Brainstorming sessions are defined as spontaneous ideas offered back and forth by a diverse group of individuals. Ideas can be bounced off others or be expanded on. It is a free-flowing, creative environment that reinforces the fact that there are no bad ideas. This leads to an abundance of suggestions and a higher likelihood of a solution to a problem. Brainstorming only works within a trusted group that is willing to share information with each other. Cooperation is key if working on a team. 

Another reason that a team is more successful than an individual is the concept of perspective. The old adage ‘there is no reality, only perception’ holds true because everybody has different ways of seeing the world. The more perspectives and points of view you can aim at a problem, the more well-rounded picture you will have. Studies have shown that more diverse teams bring more perspective and creativity to a business than ones who hire only one demographic.

Another way that people differ is by their skillset. Each of us has talents in certain areas. The more we match the right person to a task, the more productive the team will complete a project as a whole. In addition, each team member will feel a sense of accomplishment for being able to do work they are good at. This, in turn, increases morale.

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