Keeping lazy employees motivated is both an individual and a collective effort. The leader has to develop a plan first. Second, the leader creates teams where everyone works together and lifts up one another. The following tips should help leaders to manage their most unproductive employees.

Create Team Projects

A team can only survive with the input of every member. It’s rare to find a team where the leader does all of the work. Assign projects that must be completed in teams, which requires every person to participate. Each team requires a role to be assigned to each person, such as the leader, recordkeeper, time tracker, etc.

Require Participation

The best way to get through lazy workers is to require full participation. During meetings, leaders should allow each worker to express their opinion about the company and its activities. Workers who refuse to work or do the minimum work possible should receive penalties for their lack of effort. Participation is essential to increase each employee’s level of interest and boost feelings of optimism in the workplace.

Maintain Progress Reports

Monitor the progress of all employees to know how productive they are being and if they need to make improvements. Keep individual reports of their mistakes, improvements, achievements, and ambitions. It’s important to set minimum standards for every employee to meet before being formally disciplined. In contrast, the highest achieving workers should be rewarded and widely acknowledged for their accomplishments.

Allow Feedback

All employees, both productive and unproductive, should receive feedback from their supervisors and coworkers. It helps that they receive different perspectives on the same problem. The supervisor could say that nothing is wrong, but another coworker may suggest a dozen various problems and solutions. Every person benefits from reviewing different types of opinions that are designed to improve every employee’s performance and the company as a whole.

One lazy worker affects everyone at every level of the company. Uninterested workers lead to bad reviews about the company, which makes everyone look incompetent. Everyone must work as a team for the company to remain outstanding. A good leader considers the performance of every employee there and cares how well everyone is working together.