The characteristics of the culture of a startup often have a significant impact on the success of a new enterprise. While a startup can be both fun and exciting, the type of culture the company cultivates is essential to its success. Here is a list of the key characteristics of startup culture:

Exceptional Leadership

Strong leadership is an essential characteristic that is present in all successful startups. Leaders must have a vision and a clearly defined plan to make the vision a reality. A strong leader is also capable of hiring the right people for the job and eager to delegate responsibilities.

Customer Centric

The focus of any startup must be the needs and desires of customers. Startup culture should always seek to understand why certain products or services are important to customers and how they can be improved upon to enhance the overall customer experience.

Good Communication

Successful startups always practice good communication amongst employees and customers. Employees must communicate well so that the business can run smoothly. There must also be excellent communication with customers so that they know when products or services will be available and when they will receive purchased items. Good communication establishes a foundation for a company that is well-managed with a high level of customer engagement.


Great startups also focus on remaining transparent. Customers want to know what they are getting in exchange for their money. This means a startup should be honest about the products and services they provide. Transparency builds the trust and loyalty needed to build a successful enterprise.

Don’t Tolerate Mediocrity

Regardless of the type of startup, mediocrity cannot be tolerated. Startups have to offer quality products and services. In addition, managers and employees must do their jobs to the best of their abilities if a startup wants to be successful. Tolerating mediocrity in any form can lead to the quick demise of a business.

Startup culture is often an indicator of how successful a business will be. Companies like Google and Facebook were notorious for the atmosphere in their offices when they were startups and their success has been monumental. With this in mind, entrepreneurs should study the culture of successful startups and cultivate a work environment conducive to success and longevity.