Working in an organization headed by stubborn or uncompromising leaders is sometimes tricky. These organizations tend to have stressed and unsatisfied employees. Bad leadership may take many forms, such as a boss who micromanages everyone. Other types can be bullies or people with anger management problems. Despite all this, there are things employees can do that can help them achieve their goals even under the supervision of incompetent leaders.

Identify whether the leader is bad

Sometimes, life pressures might bring about negative aspects of a person. Empathy is a skill we should all possess. Before jumping to conclusions, employees should observe their bosses for a certain period of time before concluding that they are a lousy leader. They should compare the good and bad side of their experiences and they should talk to some of their workmates and find out whether they view the boss in a similar light. As employees try to conclude whether they are dealing with a bad boss, they should avoid judging them, and at the same time try to be forgiving.

Learn the leader’s management style/ motivation factors

Employees should strive to understand their bosses’ management style. They should get to know how their bosses like to communicate or delegate duties, as well as their motivational factors. It is possible that the boss prefers updates every one-hour, or they prefer the work projects completed within a specific period. This way, employees will understand how they can work to bridge the gap with their bosses.

Learn how to adapt

Learning how to adapt to the boss’s preferences will solve most misunderstandings between the employees and their bosses. Although it is difficult to adapt completely to another person’s way of doing things, compromising with your boss will most likely solve many problems and let you keep your job.

Always stay one step ahead

If a manager in a specific department is the issue, employees can learn to handle these leaders by anticipating their next move and providing information to them before they ask. This way, these bosses will resist the urge to request information from them every thirty minutes.

Know when to leave the organization

If, after a thorough evaluation, the employee feels that they cannot continue to compromise, and their bosses are never ready to listen, they can make the final decision to leave the workplace. They can try moving to a different department if possible or swipe jobs to another organization if the job is becoming toxic.