Team building is a crucial component of any successful business operation.  When you’re talking about the culture within the workplace, successful team building is an essential component. Team building brings people together for a common goal to produce results. Here are some excellent reasons to consider team building.

Improved Communication

Team building exercises promote dialogue between employees and managers. Collaboration on ideas welcomes different points of view and bolsters the problem-solving process. Working among a group encourages creativity and can generate new ideas. The ability to communicate effectively is paramount for a high performing team.

Breaks the Ice

Some employees may be timid to interact with others at work. Team building can improve trust between employees and create a positive work environment. Morale will be boosted between employees that are more connected with each other. Team builders are fun and help break up the monotony of the daily grind. Introverted and lower performing employees can build confidence by participating in non-threatening exercises.

Promotes a Positive Culture

Culture is the personality of your organization. Team builders create a positive workplace culture that promotes engagement, retains employees, and increases performance. Team builders send a clear message that employees are valued and their happiness matters.

Identifies Leaders

The best leaders are promoted from within organizations.  Many organizations prefer to hire and promote internally because they already have a good idea of who the employee is.  Team building sessions are an excellent opportunity to identify individuals that separate themselves from the pack. Influential leaders will take the initiative and be vocal in a group setting.


A team building activity does not always have to be a company outing. You will be surprised by the number of activities that you can do with some simple household items. Here’s one to try. Get some ping pong balls and plastic cups and play your version of office Minute to Win it! People love reliving their college days by bouncing balls into plastic cups (without the alcohol of course).

Positive Energy

Let’s face it. Days at the office can be grueling without something to break the routine. There has to be a daily opportunity for people to connect positively. One great tip is a daily huddle that communicates the goal and celebrates the previous day’s achievements. You can also incorporate a quick ice-breaker. For example, you might ask your team, “What’s on your bucket list?”