The world has forever changed with the pandemic in place. Leaders have to embrace some values that seemed far-fetched. Some of these values include empathy, flexibility, and vulnerability. Teams that have succeeded are those whose leaders embraced these values. In 2021, a lot of adjustments need to be made. Let’s jump into some of the practices that have led to the success of most teams.

Leaders Should Understand and Appreciate Efforts

A lot of focus on leading teams that are working remotely. When the pandemic hit, most workers were forced to work remotely. A leader has to manage these teams; it may prove an uphill task, but it proves successful with the utmost understanding. Leaders are aware that what people wish for the most is to be understood and appreciated for the efforts and what they have to put up with behind their computer screens.

When leaders appreciate and understand their team’s efforts, they have deep concern and care for people. Leaders should recognize actions and outcomes. When a leader shows understanding, it strengthens the primary driver of employee engagement which is trust.

Leaders Need to Prioritize Team Effectiveness

A lesson learned in 2020 is that teamwork is core. A team that cannot work and fails to deliver optimum results when there is stability can prove difficult in a pandemic. Leaders now have to be strategic in the way they handle teams. The most effective teams have paused and asked some questions that reconnect to their goals and expectations.

Highly effective teams have recognized the role of respect and trust. Trust and respect allow sharing of ideas, concerns, and needs. It is assuming that everyone has the best interests of the team and the company at large. Without these two, a team cannot stand during a pandemic. Leaders need to encourage trust and respect during the year for outstanding results.

Lead on Purpose

When you are intentional in your purpose as a leader, you lead more authentically—bringing onboard focus and commitment that propels the team amid the world shifting around you. Keeping a crew on board can be a consistent challenge yet a worthwhile one. There are many ways that leaders can do this. Such as taking advantage of team meetings. They should be meaningful and objective, creating more time for dialogue and idea generation than wastage of time.

As you look into 2021 and beyond, a leader should find ways of incorporating the above ideas. These practices will ensure you and the team members can tap into the best no matter what is thrown at you.